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We realize that for many of our visitors this is the first time they have dealt with these types of products. So, there is questions. We have this page so you can see frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you can get your question answered here.

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Pricing Factors- When you need to get something printed there are a number of factors that go into your final price. We will give you the info you will need to know to get a price.

  • What kind of garment do you want?
  • What color ( of garment ) do you want?
  • How many do you want?
  • What sizes do you want? (Youth sizes are available in most garments)
  • What design will you be using, yours or one of ours?
  • Will you want printing on the front and back, and will the front be full size or left chest?
  • How many and which colors do you want printed on each side?
  • If a design involves Senior's names, do you have a list of names to fax or e-mail to us?
  • We'll need your name and position, your advisor's name, and your school name and address for shipping.

Artwork is obviously an important part of getting something decorated. We pride ourselves on our State-of-the-Art Graphics Department. Our Graphics Department can create anything you want. We can modify one of our Existing Designs or create one especially for you. We charge $50.00 an hour for custom art. Most art can be completed in an hour or less. Email, Fax or Call us with your concept and we can quote you for you art.

Set Up Charges- All of our pricing includes all set up charges.

Turn Around Time- The turn around time varies from job to job. The normal is 10 working days from the receipt of completed usable artwork. If we have to do your artwork 5 days can be added to your delivery time. If you are sending your art in a usable format it can cut that time down. 

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