Garment Screen Printing Ink Chart

R:255 G:255 B:255
PMS: White
R:001 G:001 B:001
PMS: Black
R:000 G:000 B:153
PMS: Reflex Blue U
R:000 G:025 B:102
PMS: 072U Navy Blue
R:000 G:051 B:204
PMS: 300U Royal Blue
R:040 G:125 B:255
PMS: 2995U Blue
R:185 G:199 B:255
PMS: 291U Light Blue
R:000 G:081 B:040
PMS: 341U Forest Green
R:000 G:128 B:000
PMS: 347U Kelly Green
R:022 G:120 B:141
PMS: 333U Light Green
R:255 G:000 B:000
PMS: 032u Scarlet Red
R:211 G:012  B:047
PMS: 186U Red
R:102 G:000 B:000
PMS: 188U Maroon
R:153 G:000 B:051
PMS: 187U Burgundy
R:255 G:147 B:185
PMS: 243U Pink
R:255 G:255 B:000
PMS: Pantone Yellow
R:255 G:204 B:000
PMS: 115U Athletic Gold
R:254 G:121 B:033
PMS: 151U Orange
R:255 G:204 B:102
PMS:458U Tan
R:255 G:204 B:153
PMS: 720 Beige
R:090 G:044  B:001
PMS: 731U Brown
R:153 G:153 B:153
PMS: Cool Gray 9U
R:204 G:204 B:204
PMS: Cool Gray 2U
R:204 G:153 B:051
PMS: 871 Metallic Gold
R:204 G:204 B:204
PMS: 877 Metallic Silver
R:000 G:140 B:133
PMS: 320U Teal
R:102 G:051 B:153
PMS: Violet U
R:153 G:051 B:153
PMS: Purple U
R:249 G:240 B:087
PMS: 101U Lemon Yellow
R:093 G:093 B 093
PMS: 431U Charcoal 
R:000 G:000 B:000
PMS: Process Black
R:204 G:000 B:102
PMS: Process Yellow U
R:024 G:099 B:211
PMS: Process Cyan
R:204 G:000 B:102
PMS: Process Magenta
  Compare to Uncoated PMS colors. Printed colors are not guaranteed to be exact, just close representations.
*Every computer screen can show these colors differently. 
Please refer to the Pantone Matching System for exact colors.
If you don't see your color we can do matching for $30.00

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