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Senior Specialties

When it comes to preserving those Senior Memories, what better way than with a quality Senior Names Imprinted Mug. Senior Specialties would like to introduce you to our collection of distinctive, yet affordable Senior Names Mugs designed to enhance your Senior Breakfast, Prom or Graduation event. Begin a NEW TRADITION by providing your fellow graduates with a quality COMMEMORATIVE MUG imprinted with the names of all class members, your school crest and graduation year. You may consider purchasing with class funds or adding the cost into an upcoming ticketed event. Or you may take pre-orders within the class and order only what you need.


Senior Names Imprinted Mugs top the list of meaningful and traditional keepsakes for Graduates. They make a wonderful Class Gift and may also be useful as incentives to buy Grad Night tickets. Or you may wish to raise funds for your event through an ongoing sale of Senior Mugs to the parents.


Join the increasing number of school clubs and organizations that are selling Senior mugs for profit at Graduation events. Many coaches and sponsors have established Senior Mugs as a PRIMARY ANNUAL FUNDRAISER simply by making them available for purchase to parents and relatives attending the Graduation ceremony and related events. Because Senior Mugs are effectively sold at twice their cost, you can expect a significant profit for your time involved

 Class Size: 200 300 400 500

 Your Profit Potential: $800 $1200 $1600 $2000
 Senior Names Mugs- Price includes two-color imprint

Click image for larger photo.

Click image for larger photo.

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11 oz. Ceramic Mug
72- $4.49
144- $3.49
288- $2.99
432- $2.69
576- $2.49
13 oz. Spirit Mug
72- $5.99
144- $4.99
288- $4.49
432- $4.19
576- $3.99
15 oz. Ceramic Mug
72- $6.49
144- $5.49
288- $4.99
432- $4.69
576- $4.49

Click image for larger photo.

Click image for larger photo.
34oz_Trophy_Mug.jpg (262821 bytes)
26 oz. Candy Jar
72- $6.99
144- $5.99
288- $5.49
432- $5.19
576- $4.99
25 oz. Sport Mug
72- $8.49
144- $7.49
288- $6.99
432- $6.69
576- $6.49
34 oz. Trophy mug
72- $9.99
144- $8.99
288- $8.49
432- $8.19
576- $7.99

Additional Charges

Metallic Gold or Silver*  
Shipping (call for estimate)

*Metallic Gold and Silver not available on all items

$.50 per mug
TBD when order placed

DELIVERY TIME is 2-3 weeks. RUSH ORDERS call for quote.


CALL US OR EMAIL US WITH YOUR INTEREST. 800-430-0224 or  info@seniorspecialties.com 


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